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The best Orlando DUI attorneys should exclude evidence of the HGN test.

The Admissibility of the HGN (Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus)

Orlando police officers and Orange County Sheriff’s deputies are trained to use the same “standardized” field sobriety exercises when conducting a DUI investigation: The HGN, “Walk and Turn,” and the “One Leg Stand.” The first of these standardized field sobriety tests (or “field sobriety exercises,” if you want to be accurate) is the Horizontal Gaze Nystagmus. If you’ve been arrested…

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Blood draw in Orlando DUI case

The truth about blood tests in Orlando DUI cases

The following comments are from a nationally televised continuing legal education program presented by Orlando DUI attorney Elliott Wilcox. The Starting Point: Most Jurors Think Blood is Reliable So you’ve been hired to handle an Orlando DUI case. Congratulations! There’s just one problem… They’ve got your client’s blood. It doesn’t matter how they got it……

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Orlando DUI lawyer explains how circumstantial evidence can affect your Orlando drunk driving case.

Circumstantial Evidence in Orlando DUI cases

There are two types of evidence in any Orlando DUI case: Direct Evidence Evidence which straight forwardly shows something, without relying upon inferences or presumptions. examples • Eye-witness testimony • Video tape evidence Circumstantial Evidence Evidence which infers or presumes a certain fact, rather that directly proving the fact. examples • motive to commit the…

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