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Standard jury instructions in an Orlando DUI case.

Jury instructions for Orlando DUI cases

In this blog we’ll be walking about the ins and outs of Orlando DUI defense, so I thought it might be helpful to post a quick entry on the actual jury instructions for an Orlando DUI case. In every Orlando drunk driving case (actually, that’s a bit of a misnomer – as you’ll see in…

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Older jurors tend to convict more often in Orlando DUI cases. If you've been arrested for an Orlando DUI, call (407) DUI-HELP

Older Jurors Tend to Convict More Often in Orlando DUI Cases

Not every Orlando DUI case goes to trial, but sometimes, the only way to get the result that you want is to set the case for a jury trial. If you set your drunk driving case for trial, one of the most important factors affecting the outcome will be the makeup of the jury. Any…

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