Orlando DUI lawyer Elliott Wilcox offers free DUI book, The No BS Guide to Surviving Your Florida DUI

Yes, DUI cases CAN be won!

(But not if you sabotage your case!)

Improve your chances of avoiding a DUI conviction by filling in the information below and requesting your FREE copy of my consumer guide, The No B.S. Guide to Surviving Your Florida DUI

Please don’t make any decisions about your Orlando DUI case until you finish reading my FREE consumer guide,
The No B.S. Guide to Surviving Your Florida DUI  

Before you go to court, before you go to the DMV, before you even talk to a lawyer about your case… Read this FREE guide! The tips in this survival guide will prevent you from sabotaging your case and ruining your chances of getting your license back or avoiding a DUI conviction.

Being arrested for DUI is one of the most stressful events that you’ll ever face. A DUI conviction can ruin your career, your relationships, and your finances. At this point, you need someone in your corner to give you unbiased advice and help guide you through this ordeal.

That’s exactly why I wrote this book. This “No B.S. Guide” is exactly what it promises to be — unbiased, straight-to-the-point, “No B.S.” advice that will help you avoid sabotaging your case. It’s a quick read, and gives you valuable tips that may make the difference between winning or losing your DUI.

By this point, you've probably been sitting down in front of your computer for awhile, nervously searching for answers about what to do next, hoping to find some unbiased advice to help guide you through this mess.

This guide will help you figure out where to go from here. Throughout the guide, you’ll learn THE TRUTH about what you can do after being arrested for DUI to help improve your chances of getting your license back and winning your Orlando DUI case. You’ll learn the 15 action steps that you can take immediately to improve your chances of winning, tips for hiring the right lawyer, and you’ll even learn about some of the basic defenses that may be available in your case.

Before you hire me, before you hire any lawyer, read through this book and learn the truth about hiring an Orlando DUI lawyer. You shouldn’t ever hire a lawyer because of how they look on a website or how they look in their ad. You should hire your lawyer based on how we perform in the courtroom, and in this book you’ll learn how to identify the lawyers with real qualifications so you can avoid the “dump truck” lawyers who can’t (or won’t) zealously defend you. You’re also going to learn:

  • THE TRUTH about how you can immediately put yourself in a better position to win your DUI case, by preserving evidence crucial to your case…
  • The six most common myths about DUI arrests, and THE TRUTH behind those myths…
  • THE TRUTH about whether or not you should hire an attorney to handle your DUI case, or if you can take care of it yourself…
  • THE TRUTH about how to hire the right DUI attorney for your case and situation…
  • THE TRUTH about which essential qualifications your DUI lawyer must possess…
  • THE TRUTH about which questions you must demand straight answers to before hiring any potential DUI lawyer to defend you, and…
  • A few of the most common defenses in DUI cases, and THE TRUTH about how an unprepared or undedicated lawyer can cripple your case by overlooking these obvious defenses….

This guide is packed with information that will help you understand what to do next, and I’d like to send you a complimentary copy to help you survive your DUI arrest.

A DUI conviction has the potential to ruin your career, your family, your life, and your freedom. You’re facing a serious case, and the clock is ticking. The first important deadline in your case is just 10 days after your arrest, so you need to take action immediately.

Get started by requesting your complimentary copy of The No B.S. Guide to Surviving Your Florida DUI right now. To get your copy delivered instantly, just type your name and email address in the form at the top of the page. You will instantly receive a copy of The No B.S. Guide to Surviving Your Florida DUI, delivered straight to your inbox.

After reading the survival guide, call my office at (407) DUI-HELP to schedule your initial appointment. I'll get to work preserving critical evidence, helping you get a driving permit so you can continue driving to work, and doing everything that we can to successfully defend your DUI case.

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