Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Orlando DUI Lawyer

Don't hire ANY lawyer until you get straight answers to these questions!

So what should you look for when hiring your Orlando DUI lawyer? Just like selecting the right doctor for a serious medical procedure, you don’t want to hire just anyone to handle your case. You deserve a dedicated professional, an experienced Orlando DUI defense attorney with DUI-specific qualifications and courtroom experience.

To help, this section includes critical questions that you must demand straight answers to before hiring your Orlando DUI lawyer.

If the DUI lawyer you’re talking with waffles even the slightest bit when answering these questions, can’t answer the questions, or tries to tell you that the questions aren’t important, you should say, “Thanks for your time,” and hang up the phone or walk out of their office. Your case is too serious to waste time talking with someone who won’t be completely honest and straightforward with you.

Your case is serious, and you don’t want a cheerleader for a lawyer, someone who tells you that everything is “roses and sunshine” during the initial interview, and then changes their story completely when your case goes to court and tells you to plead “guilty” because they ignored the bad facts and issues in your case, or (even worse), failed to recognize the negative issues in the first place. You deserve a lawyer who will be honest with you, who will take a “No B.S.” approach, and who will tell you THE TRUTH about your case.

Your lawyer shouldn’t tell you what you want to hear.
Your lawyer should tell you how things really are.

Remember, when you’re interviewing a qualified DUI lawyer, it’s not a one-way street. The lawyer is also interviewing you, to see if they want to take your case. The good lawyers don’t have to take every case that walks in through the door. But if you show that you’re prepared and committed to seeking the best legal representation available, you’ll have a better chance of convincing the lawyer to take your case.

When speaking with your potential DUI lawyer, you must ask questions. Qualified DUI lawyers will welcome your questions, because it’s a sign that you’ve done your homework and are taking your case seriously. The only lawyers afraid of these questions are the unqualified ones, because they know they won’t be able to give you satisfactory answers. In this section, you’ll find some of the critical questions that you should ask before hiring any DUI defense attorney.



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