Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Orlando DUI Lawyer

"Have you taught other lawyers or been
published in trial lawyer magazines?"

Orlando DUI attorney Elliott Wilcox has been published in leading national lawyer magazines.

Orlando DUI lawyer Elliott Wilcox has been published in leading national lawyer publications.

Here’s why it matters:
The answer to these questions will give you some insight into the reputation of the DUI attorney. Attorneys who are recognized as leaders in their fields are routinely invited to lecture and teach other attorneys at seminars and conferences. Along with teaching other lawyers, these top lawyers are also asked to write papers and articles for legal magazines and publications, and a lucky few are even invited to teach at the law schools.

Orlando DUI lawyer Elliott Wilcox's qualifications:
When you hire me, you’ll be represented by the trial lawyer who teaches the other trial lawyers how to try cases. For more than a decade, I have trained thousands of trial lawyers around the state how to improve their courtroom skills. For the past 8 years I’ve also served as an adjunct professor of Trial Advocacy at Barry School of Law, teaching law students how to successfully present their cases in the courtroom.

Thousands of trial lawyers follow the advice in my courtroom skills and presentation skills articles, which have been published in trial lawyer magazines ranging from the American Trial Lawyer Association’s Trial magazine (cover article), the Florida Trial Lawyer Association’s Journal, and The Florida Bar News. I’ve also had a monthly column published in the New York State Bar Journal, the Young Lawyer’s Perspective, and the Orange County Bar Association’s Briefs.

In addition to those legal magazines, I also publish a courtroom skills newsletter read by more than 12,000 trial lawyers each week, and have authored four books and programs for lawyers, including The Trial Notebook, The Complete Trial Lawyer Success System, Quotations for Trial Lawyers, and Telling the Winning Story in Opening Statement.

Finally, I have written a book specifically for citizens accused of an Orlando DUI, entitled The No B.S. Guide to Surviving Your Florida DUI, which is available at (or you can request a free copy here.)

To contact the  Orlando DUI lawyer who has taught thousands of other trial lawyers how to win cases in the courtroom, call (407) DUI-HELP (407-384-4357) TODAY.



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