Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Orlando DUI Lawyer

"How many cases have
you taken to trial?"

Orlando DUI lawyer Elliott Wilcox has tried more than 200 cases to verdict. Call (407) DUI-HELP today.

The success of your Orlando DUI case may depend upon your DUI lawyer's courtroom trial skills. If you've been arrested for an Orlando DUI, call (407) DUI-HELP.

This is a crucial question that helps you immediately identify whether your lawyer is a courtroom veteran or someone who pleas out every Orlando DUI case that they handle.

THE TRUTH is that not every Orlando DUI case goes to trial. In fact, most of them won’t. But, if you need to go to trial in order to get the outcome you desire, then it will be imperative that your Orlando DUI attorney has a significant amount of jury trial experience.

Ask your lawyer how many cases they’ve taken to trial, and whether they served as the lead trial lawyer, or if they were in a backup role.

There’s no magic number of trials that your lawyer should have taken to verdict, but obviously, the more courtroom experience they possess, the better.

One reason why trial experience is important when selecting your lawyer is because it’s a good indicator of whether or not they’re willing to really fight your case all the way.

Another reason why trial experience is important is because prosecutors will sometimes make better plea offers if they know that your attorney isn’t bluffing when he or she says, “Set it for trial.”

The courthouse community is a small community, so most prosecutors will know your lawyer’s reputation for going to trial (or not). If your attorney never goes to trial, the prosecutor knows that they can make a harsher plea offer, because your lawyer will fold up on the day of trial and convince you to take whatever plea offer the government offers.

But, if your Orlando DUI attorney has a reputation for taking cases to trial (and winning), then the prosecutor may be more likely to give you a better plea offer, especially if your case is one that’s “on the bubble” between a reckless driving plea or a plea to DUI.

Orlando DUI lawyer Elliott Wilcox’s qualifications:
Elliott Wilcox has extensive courtroom experience,having served as the lead trial lawyer in about 200 criminal jury trials, as well as countless non-jury trials. To give you an idea of how significant that number is, understand that most trial lawyers can go their entire career without trying even 20 cases to verdict. If your Orlando DUI case needs to go to trial, you can rest assured that you'll be represented by an attorney who knows his way around the courtroom and understands the dynamics of successfully presenting courtroom cases.

To contact an Orlando DUI lawyer who has not only hundreds of cases to verdict, but also teaches other trial lawyers how to successfully try cases (which may make the difference if your Orlando DUI case goes to trial), call (407) DUI-HELP (407-384-4357) TODAY.



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