Questions to Ask Before Hiring an Orlando DUI Lawyer

"Who will REALLY be handling my case?"

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Demand to know, "Will the Orlando DUI lawyer I'm talking with on the phone actually be the one handling my Orlando DUI case?

This may be the most important question that you must ask. It’s essential that you find out if the lawyer who you’re speaking with will actually be the lawyer who works on your case and the lawyer who represents you in court, or if they’re going to send somebody else to cover court hearings and motions.

Believe it or not, but there are some lawyers who are perfectly happy to take your money and then hand off your case to another lawyer, barely having any involvement with your case ever again. There are even some lawyers who work from an office hundreds of miles away from the courthouse, who will never go to court or to the DMV for your case. Instead, they'll give a local attorney a few bucks and ask them to cover your case. They may talk a good game on the phone, but the statistics they give you may based on what happens in their local courthouse, not on what happens here in Orlando. Worst of all, you'll only talk with them on the phone. You'll never meet with them in person, you'll never see them in court, and they'll never be the attorney who actually handles your case.

You deserve to know: “Will the lawyer I’m talking with be the same lawyer who drives to every court hearing, deals with the prosecutor, argues the motions, and stands next to me the entire time I’m in court, or will he ask another attorney to handle most of the work and just hope that my case pleas out?”

Demand to know who will really be your lawyer. If they tell you that the firm uses a “team” approach, they’re telling you that the person you’re speaking with today may not be the person who’s standing next to you in court during critical hearings or during trial. Not all team members are equal. Michael Jordan and Jud Buechler were both members of the 1995-1996 championship Chicago Bulls – does that mean they were both equal?

Insist on dealing directly with the lawyer handling your case. If the lawyer tries to pawn off your case on some junior attorney or asks a local attorney to handle the case while he sits back in his office, you should get a different lawyer. Ask if you’ll get the lawyer’s cell phone number so you can reach them directly when necessary, and ask for a guarantee that the lawyer you meet will be the same lawyer who does all the work on your case and goes to court for every hearing.

The issue is quite simple: Do you want a lawyer who treats you as a valued client, or a lawyer who pawns you off on some other lawyer you’ve never met before?

Orlando DUI lawyer Elliott Wilcox’s qualifications:
When you hire Elliott Wilcox, you get Elliott Wilcox. No underlings, no “junior associates,”no flunkies. You get the experienced DUI attorney who you paid for.

At the Wilcox Law Firm, the attorney you talk with on the phone will be the same lawyer you meet with in person, and the same lawyer who will be with you, every step of the way, until your case is resolved.

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